New Year's: The Eternal Revolution

I've had 30 December 31sts now, and on or near many of them throughout my life I've heard various people express the sentiment that "New Year's is such a dumb holiday; it's all so arbitrary; it's just another day", etc, etc.

Um... fucking duh? ALL holidays are just another day. They're ALL arbitrary. This word "arbitrary" is derived from a latin word for "judge" or "decision-maker", and…

Christmas According to One Secular Wingnut

The true meaning of Christmas, near as I can figure it:

A child is born.

Frequently. All the time. Every two seconds or so.

Most of them will grow into manual dexterity and a capacity for empathy and abstract thought. Holy fuck.

They are all heirs to a human tradition that is quite varied, quite blessed, quite stained, and still quite promising.