Christmas According to One Secular Wingnut

Posted on Dec 25, 2013 by Oliver

The true meaning of Christmas, near as I can figure it:

A child is born.

Frequently. All the time. Every two seconds or so.

Most of them will grow into manual dexterity and a capacity for empathy and abstract thought. Holy fuck.

They are all heirs to a human tradition that is quite varied, quite blessed, quite stained, and still quite promising.

Most of them will at some point have a liminal experience wherein they intuit that they are much akin to a seemingly lifeless geological mass, or to an image of a distant, violently erupting body of light, or to someone they have never met. They will feel this quite directly and intuitively and it may shake them for a while. These experiences will likely revisit them throughout their lives and shape the decisions they make and the ways they prioritize their time and their expenditure of creative energy.

At some point they might be like "I AM THE CHILD OF GOD!" and they will MEAN it and it will sound really good as it comes out of their mouth and they may reconsider later and rein it in and be more like "I am totally as cool and powerful and arbitrary and strange as an enormous exploding thing way far away".

And so you are, my friend. Shine on.